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This is a photo of my family,these are my parents,my father is a offical,my mother is a teacher,they are good parents,they love me and I love them,ah,this is my brother,he is 11,he is in class 3,grade 5,this is me,I am a happy ...

一张全家福(A photo of my family) Look at this photo. This is a nice picture of my family.There are five people on it. I am in the middle. I’m laughing. It looks that I am very happy. There’re some pretty flowers in my hands. A ...

Look at this photo.This is a nice picture of my family. There are five people on it.I am in the middle.I’m laughing.It looks that I am very happy.There’re some pretty flowers in my hands.A man beside me is my father.He is happy...

Hi,I'mRoy.Here is my family photo. This is my grandfather. He is 68. That is my grandmother. She is 65. These are my parents. This is me. And the boy is my brother. He is 12。


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全家福 大年初一,我们一大早就去给爷爷奶奶拜年。进门一看,大家都到了,有大伯一家,叔叔一家,加上爷爷奶奶,一共有11个人呢。哇,真是一个大家庭呀! 大人们在说话,我和两个妹妹打闹玩耍,开心极了。该吃午饭了,因为人太多就分成了两桌吃...

This is my 1997 picture It is 10 years from today .These my grandmother and my grangfather looks young .Me and my brother are little I love my family 希望采纳

Our whole family likes playing sports. We have collected a large number of sport equipments. My dad likes to play soccer, he has three soccer balls. My mom is very healthy because she does exercises frequently. I have four voll...

Look!This is my father,this is my mother,this is my grandmother,this is my brother,he is so lovely,this is he's mother and fother. I have a happy family!

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