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区别是: properly指的是适当地;正确地;恰当地;完全,非常。 appropriately指的是适当地。使用范围比properly窄。 例句: properly 1、You're too thin. You're not eating properly. 你太瘦了。你的饮食不合理。 2、He's a spoilt brat and it'...

appropriately [英][ə'prəʊprɪətlɪ][美][ə'proʊprɪrtlɪ] adv.适当地; 例句: 1. Yields on leveraged loans are appropriately high. 杠杆贷款的收益率正处于适当的高位水平。 2. Never has t...

是appropriately。 appropriately 英[ə'prəʊprɪətlɪ] 美[ə'proʊprɪrtlɪ] adv. 适当...

ap-propri-ate-ly ap-前缀 propri-词根 -ate后缀 -ly后缀

properly 或者suitably

inappropriately [英][ˌɪnə'prəʊprɪətlɪ][美][ˌɪnə'proʊprɪrtlɪ] adv. 不适当地; 

superior--Subordinate biased---impartial sexist---Feminist appropriately---Inappropriately望采纳。。。。。。。。。。

inappropriately 英[ˌɪnə'prəʊprɪətlɪ] 美[ˌɪnə'proʊprɪrtlɪ] adv. 不适当地; [例句]It is unfortunately far too easy to accidentally create a weak secure environm...

Any substance other than the API which have been appropriately evaluated for safety and are intentionally included in a drug delivery system as defined in GMP. 除API之外的任何物质,已被适当地评估安全性,并有意地包括在GMP中定义...

意思是给标题行赋以适当的格式并加上阴影。 具体操作:选中标题行,设置字体、字号,再打开“格式”——“字体”——“效果”中选择“阴影”

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